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My name is Joseph Wetzel but I prefer being call Joe. I am a programmer, innovator, hacker, instructor and technology evangelist. I enjoy computer security and alway like to remind people that a hacker is someone who loves to do cool things with technology that may be outside of its original design. Please do not confuse a hacker with people who maliciously break into computer systems to damage and destroy. That type of person is called a criminal. I also enjoy dark independent films especially horror, science fiction, and paranormal.

A little about my background

During the late 1990's I started my love affair with computer security. I frequented many security conferences like Freaknic, Rubicon and Defcon. At that time I was a web developer primarily writing Visual Basic 6.0 and Classic ASP. This was during the Web 1.0 days before ASP was a classic. After the whole Y2K scare was over I primarily coded in PHP and ASP.net. This is about the time I started working as a webmaster at Fox Valley Technical College. During this time I wrote quite a bit of Visual Basic.net and C#. After working there for a few years I started teaching night classes as an adjunct instructor. I did that for quite a few years before making the leap into full-time faculty. As a faculty member at the college I primarily teach mobile development, web development and computer security. Over the years I've also been involved with a couple partnerships and I still consult and do private contracting.


I like to encourage my students that enjoy my company to friend me on Facebook. It's a good way to stay somewhat connected as we move through life.


Feel free to follow me on twitter if you enjoy receiving random blurbs about what I am currently working on or who knows what else.


If you're looking for a job you're going to want to stay connected. LinkedIn is a good resource when it comes to people looking for work and employers trying to fill positions. It's also a nice way to stay connected professionally. Feel free to add me as one of your professional contacts.


Here is my GitHub repository. Open source development is changing the way we write code and work together. Feel free to check out some of my open source projects and take whatever code may help you in one of your projects.

Things I have done or I am currently working on.

Here's a collection of videos I have created showcasing some projects I have previously worked or are in current development. My projects range from custom development to learning different algorithms.

I do freelance work with SureProgramming

I love staying current and there is no better way to do this than through writing production code. I consult and do private contracting through SureProgramming. This is a company I started to help Local businesses get their websites more mobile friendly or offer mobile application development. Currently there's a lot of work to be done in this area.

If you need help do not hesitate to contact me:
email: wetzel@sureprogramming.com
phone: (920) 268-4022

Joseph Wetzel

I am an active web developer and enjoy staying current with technology. I have over a dozen apps in Apple's App Store and have released apps for all the major platforms.

My Strengths

  • PHP
  • C# or VB
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows Phone

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Personal Blog

I enjoy doing research and learning new topics. My primary use for this blog is to organize and document my research. I figure there is no harm in making this information public. The information that I am providing in this blog is not meant to be supplemental information for any class. The information may not be original or the most current but it is information that I found interesting. I hope you find the information interesting as well.